9 Reasons We Can’t Wait To See Mila Kunis’ New Movie This Weekend

Jupiter Ascending will premiere in theaters this weekend, and if space operas don’t get you going, I promise you its cast will do the trick. Starring the drool-worthy Channing Tatum, along with the amazing Russian actress/dream girl, Mila Kunis, we are beyond thrilled to see the special effect packed film.

Whether we’re reminiscing on that time she dated Fez, or re-watching the epic rom-com where she explored the downfalls of being f*** buddies with Mr. Timberlake, Mila is always killing it. Maybe it’s a result of her being an incredibly talented actress, maybe it’s because she is THE SHIT. How many striking women do you know who radiate elegance while having one of the best “I Don’t Give A F***” attitudes at the same time? She is both sexy yet badass, kind yet sassy, and classy but often doesn’t have a filter. If she isn’t one of your biggest role models, I predict you will be adding her to the list after checking out our reasons we love Mila below:

1. Married the sex god and let’s face it, EVERY girl’s crush at some point in their lives: Ashton Kutcher.


2. She was asked to try out both Tinder AND Grindr by Kutcher when they first started dating. Um, the most trusting BF ever, where can we find one?!

3. She plays the voice of Meg Griffin on every stoner’s favorite show.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.06.37 PM

4. When Esquire realized she was the sexiest woman alive in 2012. HOT DAMN.


5. Her nostalgia-filled photoshoot with Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar.


6. Wyatt Kutcher.  No explanation needed.


7. That time when Natalie Portman accidentally murdered her, oops.


8. She knows a thing or two about the importance of self-love.


9. But mostly, we love her because no matter what, she stays true to herself and understands the true meaning of happiness.


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