3 Things That Prove Mila And Ashton Are 100% Married


They might be, the might not be. That’s what Mila said on The Late Late Show with James Cordon. To us, the absense of denial is as good as an affirmation, but why the secrecy? Why oh why won’t they just say yes or no and confirm that Ashton is finally, truly, really and forever off the market?! We already gave up hope when we saw their undeniable chemistry on That 70’s Show, but it would be nice to know for certain. Instead of continuing to scratch our heads, we’ve gathered all the evidence we could find and now bring you the 3 undeniable forms of evidence that prove Mila and Ashton are officially… hitched.


1. Mila’s baby girl, Wyatt, has Ashton’s last name.

2. Their “Happy New Year” Insta-pic was cutely and suspiciously signed “The Kutchers”.


3. Mila’s wearing a ring around the oh-so important marriage finger. Either that’s the only finger her jewelry would fit on, or that’s her subtle way telling us “Yes, I’m a wifey!”


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