Miguel May Have Just Released His Most Sexual Music Video Ever

Miguel’s music has always oozed sex and “Coffee,” the lead single from ‘Wildheart,’ his soon-to-be-released album, is no exception.  While the song itself was enough to make a good girl find herself lost in a tangle of naughty thoughts, the music video takes things to a whole other level.

“Coffee” paints a portrait of all the pleasures that come when you find yourself in a relationship that couldn’t be more of a perfect fit.  When you find that ideal lover, every sexual encounter can feel like a religious experience.  From the ecstasy of steamy make-out sessions to the thrill of being with somebody who knows just where to touch you to make you wet, every night and every day are like a world onto their own.  While you’re tangled up in your lover’s arms, minutes pass by in a matter of seconds, and the troubles of your everyday life fall away until you can barely remember that your bank account is nearing on empty or that you’re supposed to be midway through your quarter-life crisis.

If you don’t have somebody you can call to get laid tonight, prepare to settle in for a long evening of masturbation.  This summer just got a whole lot steamier.

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