Michelle Obama Does Not Look Stoked About This Gift from Melania Trump

Fascist Dorito Donald Trump and his supermodel wife Melania got the chance to shake hands with Barack and Michelle Obama today at the presidential inauguration.

Realizing she and her husband were not worthy of this occasion, Melania brought a gift.

Michelle Obama did not look impressed.

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It was a gift from Tiffany and Co. This sounds impressive until you remember Tiffany’s flagship store is literally under the Trumps’ apartment.

That makes this the equivalent of giving your friend a gift from CVS that you clearly picked up on the way to the party.


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Like really, the Trumps couldn’t even send one of their servants to Saks, seven blocks away, and grab a ceremonial platinum fork or some other rich-people gift from there instead?

And Republicans say poor people are the lazy ones.

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