Michele Maturo’s 10 Things NOT to Do on Valentine’s Day

Model and influencer Michele Maturo has already told us how to travel like a genius and break up like a goddess. Now, she’s opening up about the 10 commandments of Valentine’s Day.

Here are her 10 rules for what not to do on Feb. 14th. Scroll down for a fire photo shoot, too.


Don’t talk about your past flings while on a date. Your date doesn’t want to be reminded of all the sex you’ve had before them. It’s a sure fire way to ruin the moment.


Don’t leave dinner plans till the last minute. Restaurants will be booked up. Also, who would want to sit in a room with 20 other couples trying to be romantic on a hallmark holiday?


If you’re “talking” to someone new, but don’t really want the responsibility of the day, that’s cool! But don’t ghost someone! The least you can do is send a text. It’s not hard to be courteous.. let someone know you’re thinking of them.

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Don’t post a “sexy” photo asking, “Who wants to be my Valentine?” Only thirstier people than you will respond.


What’s worse than getting basic red roses? Getting basic red roses on Valentine’s Day. If you’re gonna go the flower route, at least pick something more authentic.


Don’t get chocolates! Aside from it being utterly cliche, it’s like giving someone a box of acne, no one will be grateful.


No one needs another bear holding a heart. Frankly, no body over the age of 7 wants a stuffed animal, period. It’s just gonna be trash in a week or given to their pet.

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Crying is 2016. Don’t spend your day sulking. You’re better than that shit.


Saying “I love you” for the first time on V-Day is completely unoriginal, and I couldn’t imagine that to be the slightest bit romantic or genuine. That’s way too much pressure. If you’re dying to say it — at least wait another day.


Why on earth would you text your ex? This is the biggest don’t of them all. They don’t care if you’re thinking of them. Leave them alone.


Photographer: Martin Depict
Hair & Makeup: Valerie Star
Stylist: Kenadi Sage
Creative Director: Michele Maturo

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