Stop Being Awkward And Own The Room

With technology at our fingertips, one-on-one intimate interactions have often become an awkward game of trial and error. It’s so much easier to swipe right (or left) and ‘like’ someone’s photo, than to work up the courage for some face-to-face communication. In order to win at the dating game you need to combine new school fearlessness with some old school sophistication. Check out how you can pull the plug on the next awk encounter with these 8 tips below. I can see the ice being broken already…..


Be confident. And I don’t mean try and get this person’s attention by shamelessly throwing yourself at them or following your crush around like a puppy. But have an air of mystery about you and let them wonder where you went

Keep the drinking chill. Always hold your composure, its way sexier than slurring.

Eye f***ing is very real. Start by glancing over in their direction a couple of times and see if they respond. By reading their body language you can get a pretty good idea of if they are into it and spare yourself an awkward turn down.

Offer them a drink. It helps to strike up a conversation. If they don’t drink alcohol, that’s okay, just get them a soda- it’s endearing.

Never talk about your ex or ask about theirs. Don’t make the mistake of getting too personal right away; this isn’t therapy.

Don’t underestimate the power of a compliment. Remark on their stand out features without being a creep or desperate. The key here is in the delivery.

Watch your sarcasm-meter. It’s cute to be sarcastic and witty, but do not go overboard and be too overbearing and insulting. Keep an eye on your ‘meter’ and know when you’ve dished out too much.

Be funny. By making someone smile and genuinely laugh it knocks their guards down and makes for an easy conversation starter. Awkward moments can turn into memorable ones!

Let’s be honest, in person conversation is so much more awesome than Tinder. So stop hiding behind your phone and get out there. Happy hunting!

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