Catching Up With The Aussie Boys of Miami Horror

I’ve read that “Miami Horror” was a name chosen to invoke a visual that was both dark and playful, and that “weirdness and sunshine” are two things the band loves. Both of these facts make sense to me; Miami Horror’s sound definitely has a visual aesthetic to match. With weirdness and sunshine in mind, we asked Benjamin Plant, of the Australian electro-pop band to talk to us about Miami, colorful landscapes and Beyonce (obviously).

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

I like sunsets because they feel like an exciting transition. Evenings are nice and the night is an adventure. But I start to feel bad if I’ve been up all night until sunrise…I never really want to wake up early enough to see a sunrise!

How has growing up in Australia influenced your music? Do you think physical environment plays a big role in writing songs? 

I think so, a lot of musicians our age had a fairly colorful childhood in Australia. We also maybe see outside influence more objectively and therefore idealize it. For me, because we lived outside of America, I really notice the distinct imagery in American culture as symbolic…like the significance of palm trees, their cars, films and landscape seemed foreign. We play a lot with that imagery as an influence.

How did your process of writing music change from your first album to your second, upcoming album?

There was a lot of experimentation in many styles and a lot more influences. We wanted to try every direction we had been thinking before falling back on what we know. It was actually at the 11th hour that we made “Love Like Mine” and “Stranger”—two tracks that I feel tie into our older sound. Learning songwriting and depth was also a key part of the process, seeing as I didn’t really know how a verse and chorus worked until the end of writing the last album. We became really interested in the formulas of classic songs and felt like we had to learn the rules properly so that eventually we could break them.

Was Kanye right? Did Beyonce deserve Beck’s grammy?

I honestly have no idea about either album.

Do you even like the city of Miami?

It’s a pretty iconic city, but that’s about all. I think there’s so much crazy tacky shit going on there that it’s kind of hard to deal with in some aspects.  On the other hand, I love a lot of the classic beauty, art deco and history.

All Possible Futures will be released April 21, 2015



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