Message To Men: Buying A Woman A Drink Does Not Guarantee Sex

Men: Women do not have to sleep with you due to you buying her a drink. If you’re a dude who thinks because you’ve bought a woman a drink it means you get to take her home, you’re mistaken. Women who do get paid for sex would never accept a drink as a payment, so why would any other woman?

Do not expect a woman to be sexually obligated to you because you spent $10 on her, it’s either way too low or it’s never going to happen. It’s precisely because you believe that, that you shouldn’t be doing it.

Men become immediately less attractive when they don’t make it obvious that all they want is to fuck you, (even though I don’t believe there’s a point when they don’t). However there is a thing called “game” that many men lack, and a man attempting to manipulate a woman with drinks is not having “game”.

There’s a technical term for men who are pushy and are clearly trying to get a woman drunk for their own gain: fucking gross.

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