Mery Racauchi Isn’t Afraid Of a Little Rebirth

Mery Racauchi is a fashion designer and it girl from Argentina. Recently, she moved to New York with her partner to share their pop-luxury designs in the fashion capital of the world.

From the farm to the city, Mery’s vibrant visions and cultural experiences bring a fresh new face to the American fashion scene.

Coat: Gabriela Ostolaza

What’s your zodiac sign and favorite color?
Scorpio. Pink.

Do you remember the first piece of clothing you ever made?
The first piece I designed was a sweater, it was pink and purple with fringes that were knitted with the help of my housekeeper. She showed me how to knit. For my brand, it was a pair of pink crocodile and suede boots with a matching pink bag.

What is your favorite memory from Argentina?
I was the part of a meet and greet for fans, it was like, “Having tea with Mery.”  So many girls lined up since 6am to see me and the line was two blocks long! Everybody was saying “Mery! Mery!” It was very fun.

What helped influence your decision to move to New York City?
Because it is the fashion center of the world. It is perfect for our brand. We also considered LA, but New York is more fashion. Argentina is very complicated, right now it is not in a good economic situation, so it is not possible to have a luxury fashion brand. I always wanted to live in New York since I was young, and now I’m here.

In this current political climate in the US, how do you feel as an immigrant?
I try not to think much about that, if i think too much will get scared. Being an immigrant, it is complicated for many things.

You were seen out and about this past fashion week, what were your most memorable moments?
The Marc Jacobs show was very cool. It was outside, I really liked it. As well as the Alice and Olivia presentation. I also enjoyed the street style photographers, was fun to meet them all. Also I made a collaboration with M&M, and they gave me this amazing jacket with Swarovski crystals to wear. Was so shiny, I loved it.

What is your favorite designer to wear besides your own?
I love Gucci, I think it’s amazing.

What advice would you give to young designers and other girls who look up to you?
You have to be very consistent. You have to have an idea, and keep doing it no matter what.

What is your biggest fear?
Snakes. I just moved from my farm in Argentina, to the city, where there are no snakes.

What are your grandiose visions of the future for both yourself and the rest of the world?
Everything is mixing, there are a lot of different cultures converging through social media. I see brands making young versions of their products, targeting younger markets. We are all going through a rebirth.

Purple Shirt Dress: Nika Tang, Necklace: stylist’s own

Makeup: @monikamakeup
Hair: @jeromelordetnyc, @pierremichelsalon
Stylist: Molly Peters
Photographer: Kyra Ross
Interview: Jacques Smith

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