Mereki Has Some Knock Out Style Tips

Photos + Interview by Angelo Kritikos 

Mereki is definitely an artist to watch. With only one song trickling online title “Blue Lake,” we’ve been dying to hear the scoop on her upcoming EP expected to be released later this Spring. Sounds like it’ll be a knock-out.

We have been obsessed with your song Blue Lake ever since it released! Would you say this is the direction for your new music?

Def not. New sound is better in every way. 

Your new EP ‘Nothing Matters’ is expected to release soon. Tell us more about what we can expect.

Expect a welcome punch in the face. 

Do you have a favorite track from the EP?

No, they are all fire.

We heard Holychild directed a music video for you. You’ve also written music for Kylie Minogue. How important is it to you to collab with other artists?

Holychild are life and Kylie Minogue is the OG bb. We were all put on this earth together for a reason.

You have live shows coming up supporting the amazing band Kitten and recording artist MØ. How would you describe your performance style?

Performance style: Kendrick Lamar.

Who are your style inspirations?

Blondie, Keith Ape and bald era Britney Spears.

What are 3 of your top style must-haves?

My starter jacket, a latex skirt and anything plaid.







Photos + Interview by Angelo Kritikos 

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