Mercury In Retrograde: What Does It Mean?!


I just finished finals and cant wait to celebrate! I can finally go out, party, and have no shame whatsoeverdont have to worry about papers, presentations, homework. Its done *cue twerking music*. Yet although I am ecstatic about school officially ending, it just so happens that Mercury goes into retrograde on the SAME DAY! For those who arent hip to astrology and dont know what the hell any of this means, read on and I PROMISE, so many things will be explained, from shitty communication to the weird vibes some of your friends are giving off (or why your mother is acting more annoying than usual).

Mercury in Retrograde: What does it mean?!

I think we can all agree that planets dont literally move backwards in space and time, but they do travelbackwards through the zodiac. This backwards illusion, which lasts for three weeks, is what we call retrograde. Mercury was last in retrograde January 21-February 11th. Now, itll be in retrograde form May 18th-June 11th. The next time itll be in retrograde is from September 17th until October 9th.

Depending on your sign, this time period will affect you in different ways:

Aries: Aries always wants to move ahead, and so they will feel super discombobulated since energies are flowing backwards. Because of this frustration, be careful what you sayand how you say it.

Taurus: Because Taurus deals with money matters, make sure you remain cognizant of your finances.

Gemini: Gemini rules communication, get ready for a lot of miscommunication during this time.

Cancer: Cancers, whose emotions run high in general, will be extremely annoyed, by everything, in this time. Because of this, it is a good time to finish projects that were either done incorrectly or weren’t finished at all.

Leo: Dont be speculative or impulsive: this is not the time to buy or invest in anything.

Virgo: Expect delays and equipment breakdowns (sorry, I know that sucks). Also, this is a pivotal time, so youll want to double- even triple-check your work once youre done.

Libra: Accept yourself. You might experience indecision, so limit buying things out of compulsion.

Scorpio: Emotions will rule, therefore common sense sort of goes out the window.

Sagittarius: Don’t travel. Reschedule flights or trips and instead, take care of local affairs. Patience is key.

Capricorn: Avoid buying or selling things, especially if it deals with property.

Aquarius: Aquarius governs relationships, so Mercury in retrograde puts relationships and friendships at risk, i.e. expect petty arguments and miscommunication. But its okay, you know who your friends are.

Pisces: Day-dreaming is the norm. Pisces governs illusion and Mercury governs logic, so just let that sink in. Practice your creativity!

Like everything, there are certain pros and cons:


1. Youll find lost items.

2. Hearing from people you havent spoken to in a long time.

3. Wrapping up projects.

4. Learning the truth about people.

5. Corruption will be exposed.


1. SO. MUCH. MISCOMMUNICATION!!!!! Dont sign agreements.

2. Not a good time for starting new things, like projects or relationshipsyeah.

3. Dont initiation new things.

4. Try not to schedule meetings: you and your colleague will not see eye to eye.

5. Technology will go haywire.

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