Meow! The Best News For Your Inner Cat Lady

If you’re a cat lady, which there is no denying, this might be right up your alley…. Imagine, going out for a little tea time and an adorable feline pal playing quietly in the corner. It’s called a cat cafe. New Yorkers have witnessed attempts to create this purrrfect picture, including a pop-up Purina cat cafe, but now it could finally be a permanent reality. A new online fundraising campaign was created to bring Little Lion, cat sanctuary and tea house, to NYC. Their mission is simple: “to provide a haven where the needy felines of New York City can thrive. In this serene oasis, humans and cats will be able to bond and realize the mutual benefits of each others’ company, while friends and fellow cat lovers share a pot of tea and a truly special experience.” Plus they plan to team up with Anjellicle Cat Rescue and make it so all cats will eventually be adoptable. Sounds like kitty heaven for both cat lovers and cats alike.


by: Shannon Kurlander

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