Meow Meow: Our Pop Culture Round-Up

It has been a big week for pop culture. With London Fashion Week, the Sports Illustrated cover release, and of course the usual debauchery that tends to occur daily in and out of the city. This weeks roundup is packed with models, mayhem and bad behavior.

Supermodel, Cara Delevingne and actress Michelle Rodriguez came out about their relationship. Can we get in on this?

Suki Waterhouse was named model of the year at the Elle Style Awards. Good news for both her and boyfriend Bradley Cooper!

Victoria Beckham recently admitted to getting a boob job- and then getting it reversed! Either way, she came out looking fabulous.

Former OC star Adam Brody and the former Gossip Girl icon Leighton Meester are officially engaged! We can hear our 14 year old selves screaming from a million years away.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are coming out with a young adult novel titled Rebels: City of Indra set to release June 3rd. Reality TV, modeling and Science Fiction? We are waiting on the Kardashian restaurant endeavor next.

A new Entrepreneur Barbie is on the market! Being nicknamed “Chief Inspiration Officer”, the doll will debut in four different ethnicities and feature a plastic smartphone and tablet. Is there anything this babe can’t do?

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