Meow Meow: Our Pop Culture Round-Up

Gigi Hadid, Galore favorite, has a fierce layout in V magazine! Look at the taster photo below, she looks awesome as usual.


Did Katy Perry think showing up to Moshino’s Milan Fall 2014 fashion show an hour late was cute? Well, the rest of the show’s attendees didn’t think so and booed her ass. The anticipated show held off showing it’s collection until Perry and Rita Ora arrived. When Perry hopped on the runway to take pictures for photogs the crowd started booing her.


That crazy queen Johnny Weir is keeping the Olympics fashionably fun with his bright and vibrant style. Am I the only one that watches daily just to see what he’s wearing? Does anyone really care about the actual sports? From his sparkling blazers to his furs, Weir is keeping the Olympics fresh.


Christie Brinkley is having the best week EVER. Turning 60 is great, but greater for her because she still looks amazingly hot. Celebrating SI’s 50th anniversary of the Swimsuit issue, the once cover girl still looked good enough to grace the magazine again. We need to know her secret!


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