Men’s Fashion Week: We Love These Male Models

It’s no secret that here at Galore we adore models. But today, we are doing something a bit different. In honor of Men’s Fashion Week, currently going on globally, we have decided to do a hottest of the hot, male models edition! Brace yourselves ladies, this one’s for you.


Marcel Castenmiller: Known throughout the social media world as Ali Michael’s man candy, we can’t help but think that the lady has some taste- we certainly wouldn’t mind running our finger through that hair.

Jon Kortajerena: Currently listed as one of the top 20 on, his rugged jaw line and chiseled body definitely make it into the top 4 in our minds.

Vince Harrington
Vince Harrington: A new face on the scene, who is garnering recognition modeling alongside fellow sex bombs such as Candice Swanepoel, we would not mind seeing more of him around.

Henrik Fallenius: Better known as the babe featured in this Summer’s H&M campaign. Well done Henrik, we love seeing you 10 feet tall on all the billboards!

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