Tons of Dudes Are Looking for Blizzard F*ck Buddies on Craigslist

Listen, nobody wants to be snowed in alone with no one to hang out with. But looking for a hookup on Craigslist to keep you warm all weekend might not be the most viable option for finding company.

That isn’t stopping a whole mess of dudes from posting insane ads on the platform in hopes that someone will come keep them warm. All you have to do is search “snow” or “blizzard” in the personals section of any region in the northeast, and voila:


When you click through, most of the ads are pretty standard — delusional dudes promising that they’re well hung and equipped with cocaine, weed, and/or alcohol.

Most specify exactly what type of woman they’d like to spend the weekend with, as if Craigslist were a babe vending machine. But I like how this guy keeps it real, saying he’d “ideally” like someone attractive, but it’s not an actual necessity, per se.

There are a few curveballs, like this couple looking for a threesome:

Safety issues — and there are a lot — aside, meeting a couple you found on Craigslist for a threesome in a snowstorm seems especially dicey. Threesomes are weird enough as it is without having to stay with the couple all weekend because the train isn’t running back to your apartment.

We’ve also got some 40-something swingers! So Mad Men.

Obviously, we at Galore do not condone meeting strangers you found on Craigslist, not just because it’s unsafe but also because it’s just not a good look. What ever happened to getting snowed in with your friends and a box of Franz? And if you’re still bored and/or horny, here’s a Jonas brothers slideshow to get you through.

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