Melody Ehsani Dishes On Collabbing With Reebok And Gym Steez


Melody Ehsani is the newest designer to be able to boast a collaberation with Reebok. Out today, the Melody X Reeboks capsule collection is all about the classic Reeboks reworked with her timeless yet modern aesthetic. We talked to the designer about her fave piece from the collab, and the best way to work out in your new Reeboks!


How did your collab with Reebok come about?

Someone over at Reebok HQ was a fan of my work and recommended me for an “influencer” program they were doing with some other women.  We each designed a shoe, and the proceeds went to a charity of my choice.  My shoe ended up doing really well, which caught the attention of the higher ups.  They ended up signing me to a 2 year shoe deal because of that and the rest is history :).

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

They allowed me to redesign the Blacktop pump, which was a really big deal because they don’t usually let anyone mess with their heritage styles.  It’s funny because I’m not huge of the sneaker wedge, but, I remade this shoe and added a slight lift and I really love the way it looks. It’s not obvious like some other styles I’ve seen, and it rides the line between masculine and feminine, which is usually how I like my sneakers.

Whats the best way to look sexy while working out?

I really think this comes from within. There is nothing sexier than having your headphones on, being in the zone and giving it all you got.

How can you make sure your gym style reflects your personal style?

Personally, I like to mix it up by wearing a sports bra with an old concert tee or something that I’m not ready to let go of but don’t wear as much in my wardrobe. I think this is a reflection of personal style, because it’s authentic. I think it’s super cute when girls go buy a whole head to toe workout outfit, and it works for some, but it just wouldn’t be authentic to me and my style.

What’s the best snack to eat before working out?

I like to make myself a protein shake, it gives me energy and endurance without the heaviness of a meal. 

What’s the worst part about going to the gym?

Being indoors! Living in California has spoiled me. I generally like to try to do outdoor activities as much as possible. Especially since I spend most of my time inside an office. I’m also a bit of a germaphobe: I don’t like getting on a machine someone just sweat all over!

What’s your fave work out you can do outside the gym/at home?

I love Pilates. I own a foam roller and do a series of exercises and stretches at home with the roller and some on a mat.



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