Obv Ri Ri’s Bestie Melissa Forde Designed The Best Coachella Accessory

Galore Mag Melissa Forde

I think it’s safe to say we all have a super crush on Rihanna’s bestie Melissa Forde. In fact, she’s really come into her own throughout the years despite loyally sticking by her bff’s side. Well, we can officially call Melissa a designer because this baddie collabed with Wrkng Title (you know, Wale’s hat line). Apparently, she was fed up trying to find the perfect bucket hat, so she decided to design the ultimate fashionista’s dream. This collab makes perfect sense for Melissa considering the bucket hat is her signature accessory. And lucky for all our street wear obsessed, the first M$$xWT collection is comprised of three bucket hat styles that are sure to make you swoon! The collection isn’t available quite yet, but it’s coming VERY soon. According to Opening Ceremony’s Insta, the collection will be exclusively sold through them on March 31st! Thanks to the fashion lord, the retailer posted a preview to get us pumped up. The festive bucket hats have our Galore stamp of approval and we recommend ordering them so that your pretty face won’t burn from the Coachella sun. Thanks Melissa, and BTW you should totally design like, a full collection.

Galore Mag Melissa Forde

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