Melanie Gaydos Proves Personal Style Goes Deeper Than Clothing

Melanie Gaydos is a high fashion model and a sufferer of Ectodermic dysplasia, a rare genetic condition that affects her pores, hair, teeth and fingernails. But what really comes across in this video for The What’s Underneath Project, is her absolute beauty, courage and confidence.

What’s Underneath is a project based around the idea that a person’s personal style can go beyond even clothing. The idea is to celebrate unconventional beauty by interviewing the subject in front of a brick wall as they strip down to their underwear throughout the course of the video.

We are huge fans of unconventional beauty. Women who can project their own style without having to rely on a fabulous outfit are ultimately the most fabulous of the bunch. Here are a few things that absolutely out do even the most high end ensembles.

Be Sassy

An ironic tee can only get you so far. Got something weird on your mind? Voice it. Don’t like how someone’s talking back to you? Tell them to their face. Your own voice says so much more than the slogan on your crop top.

Be Mystical
Sure you wear a Hamsa around your neck, but do you also chant spells in your bedroom at night? Do you dance barefoot in the fields? Do you go streaking in the park at night. Put that protective charm bracelet to good use and have a few adventures that may get you in some trouble that you need protecting from.

Be Badass
Prove yourself worthy of your goddamn leather jacket. Start a revolution, make some social change and rebel against the system. Nobody likes a clean pair of Dr Martens and the best way to look like a rebel is to actually be one.

Be Unapologetic
Like Melanie in the video, there is no escaping who you are and there is absolutely no reason to. Strip yourself down to what your own core style is. That is the only way to wear clothing, otherwise, you might as well be wearing a costume. In other words: someone will give you shit for who you are and what you wear, but that person doesn’t have to be you.

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