Melania Trump’s Makeup Artist Says Boycotting Her Is “Unkind”

You might have heard the news that fashion designers are refusing to dress First Lady Melania Trump, largely due to the fact that her husband is a despotic corn dog hell bent on dragging America’s policies back to the 1950s.

It doesn’t seem like a massive issue. I mean, if the Trumps really are billionaires, Melania can afford her own damn clothes. Plus, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Thom Browne have all said they’d dress her. And worst case scenario, she could always hit up Macy’s for some Ivanka Trump apparel.

Well, it turns out Melania and her “camp” are feeling pretty butthurt about the whole thing. In fact, Melania apparently let her makeup artist whine to Women’s Wear Daily about the whole ordeal.

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In the interview from last week, WWD asked MUA Nicole Bryl about the designers who won’t dress Melania. Here’s what she had to say:

“I find it beyond ironic because, before politics became a factor, all major A-list designers from all over the world were dying to dress her. Melania Trump is undeniably one of the most stunningly beautiful woman on Earth and anyone who has ever met her in person or spent time with her also knows for a fact she is one of the sweetest, most elegant women, too. Creatives in the fashion world have always adored her. Why now because of their difference in political views with her husband would they, as artists, boycott? I’m sorry, but this just seems unkind. Thank goodness Melania doesn’t even in the slightest get upset about these things. She is impressively one of the most self-assured, self-confident women I have ever known, and the only one who gets flustered about this sort of talk is me and those who know her and care for her the most.”

Well, Nicole, yes, boycotts might be unkind to the person being boycotted. That’s sort of the point. A boycott is an action that says, “We do not support you.” It’s not supposed to be polite or nice.

And I’m sure Melania is gracious to her employees, but that doesn’t change the fact that people are seriously disturbed by her husband’s rhetoric and his plans for our country. To answer these designers’ political stance with “but she’s so nice!” is insane. It’s just as misguided as refusing to believe a man is a domestic abuser just because he was nice to you personally.

Nicole’s words remind me of the many girls and women I know who would rather not talk about politics because it’s messy and they could offend people. Their hearts might be in the right place, but they’re completely ignorant. People are being vocal about politics right now because they feel their rights are being threatened. How dare anyone take that away from them by implying that it’s “unkind” to take a political stance?

One thing’s for sure: Mrs. Trump is more like her husband than we previously thought. President Trump has been pissing and moaning about crowd sizes and TV ratings instead of, you know, talking the public through the many executive orders he’s been pushing through. Similarly, it looks like Melania is only too happy to publicly indulge her own persecution complex. She doesn’t mind letting you think she’s a victim. In fact, she might be actively hoping you perceive her that way.

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So please remember this next time the Trumps complain about the media being unfair to them. They and their advisors, employees, and flacks are the ones pushing out these utterly stupid narratives. Trump’s inauguration crowd size would have barely gotten any cable news and mainstream media coverage if Trump hadn’t thrown a three-day hissy fit over it. And now, Melania Trump’s flunkies are keeping her name in the news and presenting her as a victim over these fashion issues.

But as far as we know, despite how miserable she sometimes looks on camera, Melania Trump is not a victim. She’s filthy rich and she has the ear of the most powerful man in the world. Please do not feel bad for her just because some other rich people don’t like her as much as they liked Michelle Obama.

The Trumps have a massive amount of control over what we talk about, and they know it. So now that we’ve told you all about Melania’s fashion woes, here are a few stories about actual issues. Enjoy.

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