Melania Trump Wanted to Use Her First Lady Status To Sell Stuff

Today’s an embarrassing day for Melania Trump.

In addition to, you know, being married to Donald Trump, we just learned Melania wanted to use her status as First Lady to act as a kind of pseudo Kim Kardashian, hawking products and cashing in on her husband’s new job.

On Monday, news broke that Melania had filed her third suit against the Daily Mail — a news organization with arguably the best headlines in the biz — over a story they wrote back in August 2016 claiming Melania used to be a sex worker.

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The story, which has since been retracted, claimed Melania was masquerading as a model in the 1990s while she was really working for an high-class escort agency.

In this most recent defamation suit, written by Charles Harder — the lawyer who brought down Gawker with a little help from his billionaire benefactor Peter Thiel — it was argued argued the story ruined her “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to roll out an extensive line of merchandise.

We’re not just talking commemorative plates here but, “among other things, apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, hair care, skin care and fragrance.”

Although given how well, Ivanka Trump’s brand has fared since her father’s election, we have a feeling Melania’s lifestyle brand would have been foiled one way or another.

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It’s also worth noting this suit was filed three days after a judge in Maryland dismissed a similar suit against the Daily Mail.

Just like her husband, Melania doesn’t seem to know when to give up on trying to make judges bend to their will.

And people say she’s only staying with him because she’s a prisoner.


[H/T Page Six]

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