Mel Jade Reveals Who She’d Kiss to Bring Her Bliss

We’re stoked to present Australian artist Mel Jade’s new video “Bliss”, and it’s exactly that. We caught up with the pop star and talked about Australia, who she’d love to kiss and what’s coming up next.

Galore Mag - Mel Jade - Bliss

Tell us about the video for bliss:
The video for “Bliss” is set in this 80s style motel deep in suburbia, but in each scene there’s a surreal element. When I lie down on the bed all of a sudden I’m underwater, balloons and confetti fall from the roof in the motel room and the laundry room is full of colorful lights. It’s supposed to represent how regular life can feel like paradise when there’s someone completely inspiring around. For one of the scenes we went to this place called ‘Hollywood Plaza’ and set off colored smoke bombs. Someone called the police on us! They though we were hooligans. It’s not a real music video until the popo crash.

What’s you definition of bliss?
To me bliss is a combination of crazy excitement and floaty happiness. That’s why the song goes from hectic, underground drums and bass to 90s sugar pop! Another definition of bliss for me is this…cotton candy. Or fairy floss as we call it in Australia. I’m obsessed.

Galore Mag - Mel Jade - Bliss

What would make up your ideal heaven?
Obviously cotton candy would grow on trees. I would have a wardrobe full of Balmain and a pet seahorse called Lemonade. That’s pretty much heaven in a nutshell.

Which famous person would you love to make out with in your perfect heaven?
This is easy. Pepsi Cola Lana Del Rey!

Your fave things about Australia:
I know this sounds weird, but Australia smells really nice, like eucalyptus and flowers. Whenever I come home from overseas I really notice it.

Galore Mag - Mel Jade - Bliss

Fave Australian artists:
I love Flume. He’s my favorite. I also love Troye Sivan, Chet Faker and I think Sia is really talented.

What’s coming up next for you?
I’m so excited! I have an album called ‘Dreamsick’ that I’m going to release some time this year. I CAN’T WAIT! I also ordered a whole lot of giant balloons and glitter cannons off eBay for my live show so that’s going to be a party. Maybe see you there?

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