Meghan Farrell Makes More Than Just Bling Rings

Meghan_Farrell_Photocred_Nicolas_Vernhes_03What kind of girl wears Meghan Farrell?
I see the girl who wears MF as someone who is very feminine and romantic yet strong — who is classic, yet quirky. Who isn’t afraid to match a white lace dress with a heavier shoe! The collection has grown, though to have little something for everyone! So many different kinds of girls with different style types (and even some men) have bought into the collection. When I find something I love, I wear it to death, so much so, it becomes a staple.  When I design, I hope this translates into my work! It’s the best feeling when someone falls in love with a piece- whether it be an accessory or garment– and just wears it to death.

Out of everything you’ve designed, can you pick your favorite piece?
Probably the EKG Skip Beat Ring in 14k Yellow Gold and the heart shaped Garnet stone.

If you could raid any of your style icon’s jewelry stash, whose would it be?
Either of the Olsens! Would it be too sterotypical to say Elizabeth Taylor as well?

How many pieces of jewelry do you tend to wear daily?
I probably wear about 10 pieces every day– no joke! Rings are my absolute favorite, and you’re more than likely to catch me with at least five on at any given time!  I never take my gold EKG Skip Beat ring off, it really is my favorite piece of jewerly. I also have a gold cross my father gave me when I was seven. I wear it even when I shower!meghan_farrell_necklaces

Do you have accessory-wearing rules?
You must love it. It’s probably the only rule I have when I buy any clothing or accessories, is that I must love it. And once I have it, I wear it to death. As for styling them, I love little gold dainty rings and charms– and I love wearing them all together. Pieces like this I adorn myself with beacuse they have a meaning– so there’s that kind of look! I also love bold jewelry and accessories are great as well– so long as I know they will stay in my closet forever, and are the main attraction when putting together an ensemble!  I have a Delfina Eye ring, and it’s big and blue and so funky, so bold- I love wearing it as my only jewelry piece for an outfit, and just with a simple white or black dress. That ring just speaks for itself, takes any outfit to the next level!

Who have been your most surprising clients? Has anyone bought one of you cool pieces as an engagement ring yet?
I did have one engagement ring sale — it is always really rewarding when someone understands where you are coming from, and the intention behind a piece! As for surprising clients, Rihanna wore the Axon Fused Ring in her music video, We Found Love. Beyonce also bought a piece for her stylist, the Autokinetic Pendant, which was super rad! Both were pretty surprising to me!

What’s the theme/inspiration for the current collection?
I grew up in a medical family (my dad’s a surgeon, my mom’s a nurse and now my sister is a nurse too!), so the collection, as a whole, is all about different areas of science fused with the idea of the love story. My first theme was the brain and Neurology. Then I moved onto the heart and Cardiology, and now, believe it or not, I’m drawing inspiration from the ideas of relics, religion and music.The real throughline is the love story! You can find the collection at Opening Ceremony across all doors in the US and Tenoversix in Los Angeles.

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