Meg Myers Says Sorry She’s Not Sorry

Meg Myers is as authentic as she is talented and that’s why she has easily made her way onto our girl crush list. “Sorry” is another powerful step forward into stardom for Meg, and ultimately supports our favorite hashtag #sorrynotsorry. We got a brief look into Meg’s brooding teenage years, new record Make A Shadow and her deep love for Jewel.

Galore Mag - Meg Myers - Sorry
I’m really digging all your #tbt posts on twitter. What was young Meg Myers like?
My mom just posted a picture of me when I was 15 on Facebook the other day and it’s just so funny. There were like three or four other girls in the picture and I’m the only one not smiling. I actually smile a lot and laugh a lot but I guess I was going through a phase. I had kind of a tough childhood but I’m super close to my family now. We grew up Jehovah’s Witnesses but I stopped around age 13. I was always super musical and into acting and art. I was kind of shy and didn’t start coming out my shell until…actually I don’t know if I’ve come out of it. I think I’ve always been a sort of introverted person. But I was still a really silly kid and really into art. Times were hard to us and I liked to express myself.

Galore Mag - Meg Myers - Twitter - #TBT

What were some of your female role models growing up?
I was mostly into male artists but I wish I had been more into female artists. Looking back on it, I think it would have helped me through a lot more. I really loved Tracy Chapman and Joan Osborne. I still love that album Relish. Also, Jewel. Pieces Of You was the first cassette tape I ever had.

What’s something you will be never be “Sorry” about?
I think that’s what I was saying with the song actually, when I wrote it. It’s that I say sorry but I don’t fully mean it… I think are a lot of things I’m not really sorry for.

Speaking of your new single, tell us about your new record coming out this summer!
I’ve been working the past year on it and been on the road. It’s been kind of hectic but it just kind of happened. It’s taken longer to finish the album because of that. We’re in the studio right now and we’re just working our bootys off trying to get it done. It’s my first one and it’s been really hard, exhausting and it’s been really exciting also. Emotional too. I feel so excited for the songs to be done and out there. I feel really close to all the material. There’s a lot of stuff nobody has ever heard that’s going to be on it…I hope that people like it but I like it and that’s all that matters.

You’re hitting the road this spring and we’re wondering about your tour essentials. What’s one album you need on your iPod, one style necessity and something you wish you could bring along (but just won’t f***ing fit).
1. The new soundtrack for The Theory of Everything that I’ve become really obsessed with especially “Forces of Attraction”.
2. I have to have my sneakers. I wish I could wear cute shoes onstage but I have to have sneakers to keep my balance. Also lipstick, red lipstick. A lot of girls can relate to this, I’m sure. It’s hard to be traveling and do makeup so sometimes you just wear lipstick and that’s enough.
3. Honestly, I wish I could bring a toilet. We’re getting a Sprinter bus for next tour but still no toilet.

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