Meeting Mac DeMarco: A Panoramic Point of View

We went over to Mac Demarco‘s apartment in Brooklyn to chat to him about his music and music generally. We were welcomed into an apartment that has such a wealth of random -but absolutely essential items. For example a stack of 100 or so Taco Bell $5 gift cards that he shared with us. We chatted about what was going on in his world and he happily modeled for our panoramic photo shoot.


Interview by Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson

Photographs by Rezzie Avissar (Weird Magic)

Does the name of your new album Salad Days refer to the common term or something literal? It’s a Shakespearian term. I guess it’s the same sentiment; ‘salad days’ are like the good ol’ days. For me I think people assume right off the bat because I call the album Salad Days that I’m grumpy or something now. It’s more reminding myself that I’m not that old. Why am I jaded about things in life and being a jerk?

Wait, how old are you?

photo 2

Your style of music isn’t something I normally listen to but I find it captivating. Is that something you’re used to hearing? Lately I have been getting a lot of kids that say that since I got in contact and did a project with that guy Tyler, The Creator. A lot of kids are coming to the shows that are big Tyler fans. They go “dude I don’t even like guitar music”.

And the album with you and Tyler is named White Chocolate. Is that your way of doing an “Ebony And Ivory” type of thing? Something like that.

How did that collaboration come about? He started tweeting at me last year. I don’t know how he got a hold of my music, I think some mutual friends in Toronto or something, and he liked it so he started tweeting at me. At first I was like “what the hell, this rapper guy is hitting me up” and then he started doing it more and more. Eventually I found out we had the same press people so I got to meet him in L.A. a while back.

What can we expect from the album? It’s supposed to come out in August…I’m not sure. It’s just Tyler rapping and he knows what my style is. I guess it was me producing beats if you want to call them that. It will be interesting.


You live in Bushwick, Brooklyn. What do you think about the neighborhood? I like the neighborhood. I know there’s a lot of stuff going on in Morgantown, that’s what they call it, but I’m never really over there. I kind of don’t really leave the house. When I first started coming to Brooklyn I was always in Greenpoint a lot and that kind of gave me one idea about Brooklyn.

What is your opinion of Bushwick? It feels more like the idea of Brooklyn I had. The loud trains, people selling t-shirts, sketchy delis everywhere, cheap food, and a neighborhood. Instead of people just in yoga class all the time.

Where are some places you like to go? TK’s deli. There’s a pinball machine and a bar down the street way called HappyFun Hideaway.

Would you ever go back to your hometown Canada? It’s weird because I was in Canada last week. It’s funny going back now because I’ve gotten really used to being in the states. When I used to come to the states I would pick out the little cultural differences but now when I go back I pick up the things about Canada. I do love Canada. If I went back I don’t really know where I would go. I kind of have a thing where I don’t want to live in the same city that I have already lived in for a while.

Would you move anywhere else in the states? Where would you like to go? Yeah I would like to buy a house. L.A. is kind of nice. Maybe a smaller place like Olympia, Ashville, places like that.

Any thoughts on R. Kelly?
I love R. Kelly. My guitarist loves R&B music and loves rap music. I’m not really well versed. He plays a ton of R. Kelly and D’Angelo. We saw him [R. Kelly] at the Pitchfork Festival.

What other artists are you into right now? I really love Connan Mockasin. He’s a weird New Zealand guitar player guy. I love Ariel Pink. There’s a girl named Angel Olsen. A lot of smaller bands.

I see a lot of guitars here. What’s the weirdest thing you think you have in this place right now? My roommate builds instruments and composes noise orchestras. Very avant-garde weird stuff. So he’s got like trays of bells, amplified wine glasses and stuff.

What’s next? We’re going to be touring forever. I think I’m going to try to do another album but I said that last time so we’ll see.


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