Meet Zolita: The New 90s Inspired Artist

Upcoming artist Zolita, chatted with us about her debut video “Teen Dream”. Check out her 90s, valley girl inspired music and watch how she recreates an era that we thought was long lost. Here’s what Zolita had to say about her music and video:


Where did the name Zolita come from?

Firstly, I’m obsessed with Lolita (the book and the film). Secondly, I’m very inspired by the contrasting combination of things that are considered sexy and things that are considered cutesy and youthful. So I combined my name Zoë with Lolita and liked the way it sounded.

Who was your favorite 90s boy band?

It’s a tie between Backstreet Boys and Hanson.

What was your inspiration for this video?

I wanted this video to reverse the stereotypical boy/girl “teen dream” couple I always see in popular culture. I liked the idea of a super feminine teenage girl sitting in her pink Barbie dream-house lusting and singing about another girl, I felt like I hadn’t seen that done before. The girl who enters the party (played by model Susannah Liguori) who finds her “teen dream girl” is kind of an extension of myself.

I drew visual inspiration from a bunch of random places. The 90’s aesthetic in general, lighting in this awesome film “Enter the Void,” the styling in an adult film featuring Stoya and Sasha Grey, etc. My cinematographer Nadia Bedzhanova helped me translate all these ideas and inspirations into images.


What’s your favorite color?

Pink always.

Carebears or My Lil Pony?

My Lil Pony. I used to be a mega horse girl. I was in the pony club.

What are you favorite places in L.A. to shop?

Cobra Shop, Fairfax Flea and Melrose

What can we expect from your record?

Satirical, catchy, pop songs about stuff from the world I grew up in. Think valley girls, then more personal spacey/vibey chill songs like “Teen Dream”.

Watch Zolita’s video HERE and visit her website

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