We Played (Musical) Favorites With Belgian Dream-Pop Band Soldier’s Heart

Belgian export band Soldier’s Heart has won several prestigious awards and tons of adoring fans in their native land, the five-piece band are taking over the rest of the world with the release of their stellar self-titled EP. The combination of their dreamy aesthetic and absurdly catchy pop songs make them a band you can easily fall in love with this summer. The Belgian dream-pop crew are still shrouded in mystery to us; a fresh-faced band whom we are dying to hear more about. So we thought, what better way to get acquainted with our new favorite band than through their favorite music? Spend your Monday getting to know Soldier’s Heart through ten of their personal fave songs.

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1. Lou Reed – “Coney Island Baby”

Sylvie: “Whenever I put on this song, I just wanna listen to it over and over again. His voice and his words are so pure and beautiful. I can almost hear my heart break.”

2. Jenny Hval – “The Battles Is Over”

Laurens: “Jenny Hval is a real story teller, her lyrics are so good. Her voice is so pure and so weird. When she sings her high notes, I always want to cry—not because I’m sad, but because it feels like such a relief.”

3. Lana Del Rey – “Ultraviolence”

Sylvie: “It was hard to pick a favorite song from her last album; the production sounds so good.
I love the way she tells her stories, it’s very cinematic. She sounds naive, but in a beautiful and powerful way. I’m a big Lana fan!”

4. Connan Mockasin – “Forever Dolphin Love”

Jasper: “I love how he re-invents the chorus guitar sound.”

5. Portishead – “The Rip”

Ferre: “The most powerful rock band ever. It hurts me every time I hear this song. I don’t cry a lot to music, but they get me every time.”

6. Aaliyah – “More Than A Woman”

Benjamin: “This song is still relevant today in the times of new-found feminism and love for ‘90s R&B. Very nice production from Timbaland and songwriting from Missy Elliot.”

7. Warpaint – Billie Holliday

Ferre: “These are four women I love. It’s hard not to dance to their music, even though it’s pretty gloomy. Perfect combination.”

8. Suicide – “Ghost Rider”

Laurens: “The sound of this song is insane, once you know that it was made in 1977. The repetition almost brings you into a trance. And then there’s Alan Vega, the way he spits out his words is really just perfect—he reminds me sometimes of Ian Curtis. If you listen to the production (for example, the effects on his voice), you can see they are forerunners for a lot of contemporary music.”

9. Darkside – “Golden Arrow”

Jasper: “I like their inventive mix between experimental and dance-floor electronic.”

10. The Beatles -“Tomorrow Never Knows”

Benjamin: “It’s a beautiful and coherent mix of studio experiments, psychedelic drones (a year before The Velvet Underground’s debut) and simple songwriting.”

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