Meet Too Poor, Who’s Very Likely The Next Sophia Amoruso

Get to know one of the most recognizable faces of Instagram, LA’s own Too Poor. She’s grown past running around Palm Springs and taking the five finger discount off designer pieces into a social media guru for trendoid brand ShopJeen. And, she maintains her own online vintage clothing shop. Sounds like another #GirlBoss we know of….

Who is Too Poor? Just a 22 year old baby hustling LA and everyone in it.

Where did the name Too Poor come from? TBT to being a homeschooled 16 year old in Palm Springs. I used to spend full days hitting every thrift store in my valley to steal designer pieces (Versace, Chanel, Alexander Wang, etc) and post them on my Tumblr. Never got a following on there, it was just a place to view all my stoled gems. Eventually, deleted the blog. Years later, living in LA and struggling to find myself and make money, I tattooed Too Poor on my knees with a pencil and needle. From there, I wanted Too Poor as my user name and bribed the person using the name to change it for cash. I got the name, but never paid them.

Where do you seek fashion inspo? I check daily and lurk the internet hard. Really hard. Really inspired by modern technology incorporated into clothing and simple pieces with intricate details.

What does Too Poor do for work? Currently a marketing assistant/ social media manager for a cute and wild ecommerce store called Shop Jeen. I do an assortment of things by night. If I’m not hosting at a night club, hustling my used clothing online, or shooting strangers I meet through Instagram, I’m at home balancing plants on my head to keep up pristing posture while playing Super Smash Bros on N64.

Photos and Interview: Devon Trunk

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