Meet Tomboy: Brooklyn’s New Pop Duo

Musical duos are all the rage, and Tomboy prove why with there refreshing sounds. This up and coming pair are definitely worth the listen, and their single “Roll Out” is really really very very good and it’s kind of stuck in my head. take a listen below and check out what they have to say about their music below!


Where’d the name tomboy come from?
There is this tomboyish thing that happens whenever we get together. We start running around, climbing the walls, and stuff. We have some sort of kindred tomboy spirit.

You’re single “Roll out” is being released this week, what should we be looking forward to?
We have an EP that we just finished up. We will be releasing a single at a time for now. So keep an ear out over the coming months!

How would you describe you music?
Our music is a combination of percussion heavy electronic productions and melodic pop vocals. We make beat driven electro-pop!

What’s your inspirations?
We are inspired by New York City, New Wave cinema, No Wave music, ocean swims, rhythmic repetition, and so much more, but mostly I think we just inspire/feed off each other.

What’s been one of the biggest highlights for tomboy so far?
At this point, this first release is our highlight.. feels good to finally get something up after all the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes.

Who would be a dream collaborator?
Bjork- hands down. Love her. So much.

What’s coming up next for you guys?
Releasing a few more singles in the next couple months and playing a bunch of shows! Glasslands on Sunday April 20th.

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