Meet Sam Black: Not Only Can She DJ, She Can Rap Over Any Song She DJs

We love women who love many creative outlets, and Sam Black is just that: model, DJ and rapper. We can’t wait till she drops her new EP Boystown, check out what she had to say!


Photographs by Mariann Vik

When did you start modeling?
I started modeling a very long time ago, but back in LA this year when I moved back to the states from Australia. I met up with Jules Newmark of Newmark models through my friend Cailin Russo, singed the deal, and the rest is history!

How did you get into DJing?
I lived in Australia for 6 years, in which time I worked behind the scenes in the music world; putting on the festivals, booking and touring the acts, etc. Last year my best friend who runs a lot of the biggest nights in Melbourne helped me out by booking me huge shows doing a mini Aussie tour for about a month. When I got back I was modeling in Miami for Swim Fashion week and met my music partner, Coco Hara. We linked up and together created “Boystown” our production and DJ duo.


…and you rap?
I know every lyric to every song I’ve ever heard and have always rapped over them. It’s only the last two or three years I’ve been working on my own. Really excited for the first “Boystown” EP which will be dropping very soon so standby.

What do you love most about everything you do?
Having fun. Literally every shoot I do I’m able to get wild and have a laugh. As for DJing and producing and rapping- when we are on the stage making people dance and smile and sweat and laugh there is no feeling like it, when we are in the studio it’s like nothing else matters, we can scream, dance, write, rap, the whole shebang.


What’s you fave track 2014 so far?
I Don’t F*** With You- Big Sean

Highlight for you so far:
Modeling wise- Aeropostale campaign and Playboy. Music wise- for Boystown, DJing the Wildfox store launch was a pretty awesome milestone. For myself, opening for Eric Prydz, Joel Fletcher, and Benni Benassi would have to be highlights.

What’s coming up next?
Boystown EP!


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