Meet Pum Pum Socks: They’re Creating Fun Things For Our Feet

These socks are to die for. If you’re yet to get to know the London/Jamaica based sock brand Pum Pum Socks then here’s your chance. We caught up with the founders Gemma Shane and Savannah Baker and chatted about what they’re up to.

Galore Mag - Pum Pum Socks

Where you based?
London and Jamaica.

What is Pum Pum socks?
Pum Pum Socks are a high end, limited edition sock range, Using interesting trims. This sock accessory can be used to style up the most simple of looks (LBD / Jeans) OR add to an already fashion forward ensemble.

Galore Mag - Pum Pum Socks

Who would you want to wear Pum Pum socks?
It would be a iconic and empowering women. A mix of Frida Kahlo, Grace Jones, Cindy Breakspeare, Kali Uchis, Rhianna and a DANCEHALL QUEEN.

Where can we purchase?
-On our newly launched online site!
-Browns Focus, London
-Soon launching at:
Opening Ceremony, US
Vfiles NY
Gnossem (online in Asia)


Fave 90s music:
90’s Dancehall ( Beenie Man/ Sizzla etc)

What’s next?
Teaming up with a Jamaican women’s charity, expanding on the island lifestyle brand
and we are also starting a mens range.


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