Meet Model Zita Vass, Star Of The “From Subway To Runway” Cinderella Movie

We haven’t had a Cinderella re-imagination movie in a while, and thankfully, Zita Vass is coming to the rescue as the star of an upcoming rags-to-riches film. The supermodel, alongside heartthrob Tyson Beckford, plays a young girl living in the Brooklyn projects who goes “from subway to runway”, according to an anonymous plot summary on IMDb. From being scouted at an In-N-Out to being singled out and styled by Derek Lam, Vass has stories for days. Here’s what she said about the upcoming movie, her real-life Cinderella story and the evolution of her style.

You’re starring in the upcoming movie Supermodel. How did you get in the zone to be your character?

I get in the zone by going back to my childhood, before I had any inhibitions or insecurity—that age when you were just goofy, innocent and believed in magic. I try to never let that feeling go. You know, there’s so much humility that comes with this job. The audition process, the amount of “no” you hear, before you get a “yes”, your family telling you to “get a real job”…it’s not for everyone. If I have to do a crying scene or something intense, I go ‘method’ and use my experiences to get me there.  At the same time, it’s important to stay present and in the moment with my scene partner, to create real emotion and reactions. It’s rewarding to completely lose yourself in a scene and forget you are playing a role. For this job, I had a particular personal experience the night before. I was dating a well-known DJ and then saw him by chance, at a dinner table with 3 women. My call time was 6 AM and my emotions were shot. When I walked through the door onto the set, I was able to forget everything and focus on the job at hand. It was not easy. From that I learned that keeping your life simple is key. Any drama you invite in can rock you professionally.

Is there anything your character does that you would never do?

I am always open to new experiences. And the best thing about this job is you can always blame it on the character. How awesome is that?

How was it different dressing as a “supermodel” versus how you dress in real life?

I like to show more skin and prefer to go for undergarments which aren’t always camera appropriate. My family’s European, so it’s just what I grew up with.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever worn while shooting?

Haha! A merkin, which is like a fake beard for your lady parts! It was for a nude scene on Californication. Since David Duchovny mistook me for his prime love interest, we played around with the idea of giving me a large bush. It was silly, but definitely the craziest thing I ever wore while shooting.

How has your style evolved since getting more involved in the acting and modelling world?

In this world, you have the opportunity to meet amazing designers who gift you things. The first time it happened to me was when I was walking down the street in New York during Fashion Week and Derek Lam noticed me. He invited me to sit front row at his show and dressed me! Since I live for clothing and glamour, these kind of experiences speak to my heart and give me the opportunity to let my style evolve.

Which supermodels and actresses do you look up to? Who has the best style and who is your style icon?

My icon is Ellen Von Unwerth and her amazing imagery. Her aesthetic and art inspires me the most. It’s playful, scandalous, and sexy.  I also always fancy the styles of Catherine Baba, Erin Wasson, Steven Tyler, Behati Prinsloo, Gloria Swanson, and, of course Kate Moss.

What is the quintessential model wardrobe?

Rocker boots, something easy and flowy that shows some leg, and a fur stole.

What’s your favorite model off-duty look?

Unwashed hair, sunglasses, and anything that makes me feel like I’m up to no good.

Booked by Hype PR’s Victoria Pressly, with images courtesy of Kenny Sweeney.

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