Meet La Carmina: The Writer, Blogger, Journalist Extraordinaire

If you haven’t already heard of La Carmina, is a prominent Japan / Goth/ Alt subcultures, travel and style blogger, TV host (Bizarre Foods, Oddities Taboo, Kawaii TV), journalist (Business Insider, Huffington Post, AOL, CNN), coolhunter, and author of 3 food books (Random House, Penguin) — including Cute Yummy Time and Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo.
We were lucky enough to catch up with her to ask her a few questions about her fascinating life on the road traveling, romance and her style. La Carmina demonstrates how we as women can incorporate all our passion and talents and build a career for ourselves. Check out her Instagram, Facebook and Youtube!
How would describe what you do?
I’m a travel TV host, journalist and blogger who focuses on subcultures and street style worldwide — from Hong Kong Goth societies to Japanese cute characters. Viewers may have seen me on major network TV shows like Bizarre Foods and Oddities; I also host and produce a video series shot around the globe. I’ve published three books about Jpop culture and food, and write for media outlets like Business Insider and Huff Post AOL. For a glimpse at my travel adventures, I invite you to see my La Carmina blog –
What’s the best bit about it?
I’m lucky to be able to work closely with my friends, so I never feel alone on my travels. I also run a Tokyo fixing (production arranging for TV) company with my First Mate, and we’ve done many crazy film shoots over the years, at places like host clubs and monkey waiter restaurants. It’s wonderful to be able to travel at least once a month, to destinations I’ve always dreamed of seeing, and do work that I feel is important — to bring attention to marginalized cultures, and encourage people to travel meaningfully.
Where’s your favorite place you’ve visited?
It’s impossible to name one absolute favorite, since it depends on the type of experience you’re looking for (nature? beaches? ski? city life?) I would say that the Maldives were pretty close to tropical paradise. I stayed on an eco-luxury resort with barely anyone around — I never felt so removed from real life.
Some of the favorite things you’ve eaten on your travels.
Sushi in Maui, food trucks in Portland, fresh mozzarella in Rome, and Okonomiyaki in Osaka are some memories that come to mind.
Tells us a bit about your style and what’s your inspired by?
 Fashion is one of my favorite ways to express myself, and I’m drawn to the alternative-Goth meets cute styles found in Harajuku. The juxtaposition of spikes with cute cats is typical me.
How do people respond to the way you dress all over the world?
 For the most part, strangers enjoy seeing my colorful hair and outfits. I don’t think my style is particularly threatening; people generally make nice comments or ask where I find these clothes. However, it’s important to wear proper attire in certain places, such as a Bangkok temple or Arabian mosque… I confess I was a bit underdressed at both!
Because you travel so much, is it hard to maintain romantic relationships or is that something you don’t focus on?
 I’ll have to give you a vague answer, since I don’t speak about boyfriends or relationships publicly. Let’s just say if a couple has a similar point of view and priorities, then it’s possible to have a good relationship even if you’re not together all the time.
What’s in store for La Carmina the rest of the year?
There are a number of exciting TV projects and travels in the works, including to destinations I’ve never visited. Everything’s being finalized now, and I’ll be announcing more details soon. For now, I’m off to Israel and Jordan with my two filmmakers; we’ll cover Israeli wines, Dead Sea beauty treatments, Tel Aviv gay clubs and more. I hope you’ll keep abreast of my site ( and social networks (@lacarmina on all of them) to see where I’ll be next!
Watch La Carmina’s TV reel below!

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