Meet Jill Wallace: The Brains & Beauty Behind Little Black Boots

We’re excited to introduce Jill Wallace to all of y’all. She is the mind behind the blog Little Black Boots and will be profiling her fave creative girls for us, but for now here’s our profile on her!

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How did Little Black Boots start?
I saw blogging becoming a thing and I knew I had to jump on it. Mostly because I wanted in on the fun. I loved the whole concept of sharing what you’re wearing and making it more of a conversation. At the time, my boyfriend wanted to take up photography as a hobby so it was the perfect storm. I clumsily put together outfits, he documented it, and thus Little Black Boots was born.

Why the name?
Figuring out the name was actually quite painful. I went through a ton and nothing felt right. One day I just looked down at my feet and blurted out, “Little Black Boots.” Suddenly the clouds lifted and all was right in the world. It was simple, fit in well with having a fashion focused blog, and is an ode to my favorite footwear. Much like myself, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The domain and Instagram name was available too so that was pretty convincing.

How would you describe it to somebody who hadn’t seen it?
I like to describe it as a place where I share a lot of what I’m wearing and a little bit of what I’m feeling. The vibe is very boho girl meets downtown. I try to take advantage of all the landscapes California has to offer so you’ll see me wearing heels in the middle of a redwood forest one minute then in a grimey alleyway the next. There’s also not a lot of smiling. Sultry glares and tons of pouting is what you’re in for. Girl next door is not what I strive to be.

What’s been a highlight with the site?
I think the overall highlight for me has been all the opportunities and people I’ve met because of the site. I’ve gone from a fan admiring from a distance to working with companies I love in both styling and writing. I’ll never get over how powerful just sharing your work online can be.

What else are you up to in LA?
I currently am a brand manager for a women’s e-commerce site. I also model from time to time. Wearing lots of hats to get the job done.

What do you love most about the West Coast?
I love the laid back vibe and perpetual summer. You also can’t beat the fact that you can get into your car and literally drive to any type of scenery your heart desires. You can layout on the beach, hide out in the mountains, cruise up the coast to Big Sur, or cross the border and get weird in Tijuana- the world is your oyster. My love affair with the west coast is strong.

What’s next for you?
I’ve been blogging for a few years now and I feel like I have a pretty good handle on it. I’d like to get more into videos. There’s only so much of your personality you can get across in a caption or a short blurb. Travel blog posts are definitely on my list for next year as well. I’d also love to eventually collaborate on designing a line of clothes or shoes. Some actual Little Black Boots, boots? Stay tuned.

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