Meet Jake Troth: The Pop Artist Emerging From Underground

Jake Troth may not be familiar to you yet, however, the work he’s produced is certainly anything but. The up and coming Jake Troth, has produced and collaborated with the likes of Big Boi. Not only has this jack-of-all-trades worked with some very big names, he is currently making a name for himself with some of his own material. Be sure to look out for his upcoming album entitled “Double Black Diamond.” In the mean time, Jake’s soundcloud has plenty of tunes to keep you occupied.


Hi Jake

Hey! I’m just working on a song idea for Nicki Minaj.

Oh, that’s awesome we’d love to hear more about that. Firstly we’d love to hear about where you’re from.

I’m from Davidson, North Carolina on a lake, pretty southern farm area. I now reside in Hollywood, California.

How would you describe your music?

Positive alternative pop music, that’s meant to be sung along with and meant to be shared with a huge group of people.

Tell us about your collaboration with Big Boi

It came about from spending a bunch of time in ATL, I have a friend called Mr. DJ who’s a producer who works with a lot with Dungeon Family. I played something for Mr. DJ,  he wanted to put it on Big Boi’s album and then it happened.

Who are you listening to right now?

Listen to Brad Meldou, he as an album produced by John Bryan. Whatever the newest rap music from Atlanta is, or Kendrick Lamar and that group. I like cheesy pop too. I was first in line to the Katy Perry movie.

How excited are you about the album and how long have you been working on it?

Because I shared it with friends and they all seemed to enjoy it, that gave me the confidence to share it on a larger platform. I’ve been working on it since art school, and that was a while ago.

Any other stuff in the works for you?

My album has a movie that we made with it that incorporates all the music from the album. It sets the tone and the color palette for my album. I’m really interested in making more multimedia, and changing things up in that way.

Can you tell us any more about this song idea for Nicki Minaj?

It’s like your favorite piece of cheese. If this was going to be a piece of cheese it would be goats cheese.

Thanks for chatting to us Jake, good luck with the album

Thank you.

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