Meet Felicity Hayward: She Talks to Us About Redefining Model Standards

Our hot calendar girl Felicity Hayward took a moment to chat with us about modeling and the problems with being considered plus-size.


How did you get into modeling?

I never planned to get into modeling. I was dancing to Diana Ross in a pub in East London and got scouted to model for photographer Miles Aldridge. After that photo shoot came out I was then signed up to agencies in London, Europe and the US.

Does it get tiring being referred to as plus-size model?

I am proud of my shape and curves. I am bigger than the ‘normal’ model but it has never caused me problems. I do wish that we could all just be called ‘models’ rather than size zero, straight size or plus size, but until there are massive changes in fashion and media I think we will still be stuck in this rut.

What has been some of the hardest moments of modeling for you?

I couldn’t really give you a hard moment, I’ve had worse jobs.

What’s one of the worst job you’ve had?

I used to work in a rag factory sourcing vintage clothing, you had to route through a ton of garbage before you found the prize!


What has been your favorite moment of your modeling career so far?

My favorite moment has been flying over NYC for 24 hours to shoot with Patrick Demarchelier

Whats coming up next for you?

I have a worldwide campaign coming out this year which I am very excited about!

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