Pro Surfer Dax McGill Is Only Kinda Like Kate Bosworth In ‘Blue Crush’

Meet Dax McGill, the 17-year-old surfer from Hawaii. Sound familiar? Dax lives right where Blue Crush was filmed, and admits she’s always in her bikini, surfing with friends, but differently from Kate Bosworth’s iconic surf character, Dax says: “We’re different cause I like to get along with my friends a little better than she did!” Movies aside, Dax is about to hit the annual U.S. Open in California, so we took the time to get to know this surfer chick a little better.

Can you tell us about one of the scariest moments that you’ve experienced surfing?

I feel a calm when I’m in the water. I’ve never been really scared. I just feel comfortable.

If you’re not scared of waves/deep water like normal people, what are you scared of?

I’m still terrified of the dark, hate pirates, and birds.

How have your feelings about surfing changed over your career?

I still love surfing. All I want to do is have fun and progress and I think that’s been my mind set since I was really young. What’s changed? Me learning how to learn. Learn what I’m doing wrong and turning it to something I do right.

How do you keep your hair and skin healthy when the sun and sea are so damaging?

Tonic Hair Care….. After every surf I always put my tonic leave in condition and brush it out. It’s saved my hair. My skin, I always wash my face and put lotion on every night before I go to bed. I treat it as my own little spa treatment.

Do you date other surfers?

I haven’t before! Haha

Which athletes have the best bodies?

Snowboarders…. I’ve always had crushes on snowboarders. I don’t know what it is, I just find them really good looking.

Favorite sad song right now?

“Don’t Let Me down” – the Beatles

Any tattoos?

I really want a small one.  Just trying to figure out what I want it to say.

What great surfing advice is applicable to daily life?  

Don’t surf in a lighting storm.

Best part of the U.S. Surf Open?

Oh, the people…people watching at the Open is my favorite. There are so many different personalities around—it’s fun to be in the middle of that chaos.

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