Meet Chløë Black: The Digital Age Pinup Goddess

British singer Chløë Black is the stuff a teenage boy’s dreams are made of: timelessly chic, sexually inviting, and daringly bold. Furthermore, she’s written some of the best Pop songs of the year, including her hauntingly compelling “27 Club,” paying homage to the song’s namesake and referencing the losses of artists like Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix at the age of twenty-seven. More recently, she’s released an infallibly imaginative, visually captivating video for her track “Wild At Heart,” another banger that helps solidify the artistic integrity and talent behind the brazenly outspoken beauty.

Chloe Black – “Wild at Heart” Music Video from DMB represents on Vimeo.

We asked Black for her take on the modern day pinup girl, a digital aesthetic we thought she innately embodied already too well. Check out our interview with her below, as well as pictures she took exclusively for Galore.

“Feminism and what it means to be a modern woman are topics I’m passionate about, so when I was asked to be a digital pin up I was excited. I went specifically to a vintage photo booth to take my ‘selfies’ as I wanted to pay homage to the history of pin up. There is so much discussion about art and porn, objectification exploitation and empowerment but for me personally this was a moment of liberation. 

So many times I’ve been told ‘Don’t be too sexy,’ or ‘You can’t wear that,’ or my personal favourite, ‘You should dress down when you come to the office because you’re intimidating the men.’ Yes, girls shouldn’t feel like they need to show skin for attention, but we also should stop making them feel ashamed of being ‘too much’ or ‘too loud’. Not giving a fuck what people think is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off… ” 


Halloween just passed. What’s your favorite horror movie and why?

Tough question just because it’s hard to pick only one! I suppose if I only get one I’d have to pick ‘The Shining.” I love the art direction so much. I want to live in the Overlook Hotel! Not only is it beautifully shot but also it is masterfully suspenseful and still unnerving today. A lot of horror doesn’t age well, but to me, ‘The Shining” is timeless. Kubrick was so ahead of his time.

If you could do the soundtrack for any film, which would it be and why?

It’s not a film but I’d love to be involved in the new “Twin Peaks.” Having a song in a Tarantino film would definitely be bucket list material. Any song he uses is forever stamped as cool as fuck. I’d love to one day write a full score & soundtrack for a film. I used to compose instrumental piano songs as a kid. It was always very sad music so whatever the film was would have to be dark and sad. Maybe something like the French film “Betty Blue.” The symbiotic relationship between music and film is my favourite thing. I always see images in my mind when I write.

When did you start singing and pursuing music professionally?

After high school I put some music up on Myspace and got the opportunity to go to LA and work with producers. Before that I’d been making bedroom demos and was so shy most people who knew me probably couldn’t imagine me singing.

Is “Chloe Black” a moniker you created or the real you? If she’s a character, who is she?

Definitely the real me. She’s my super-ego, but she’s me. Who I was trying to be in previous years was the fake. I was trying so hard to fit in with my peers at the time and be successful that I lost sight of myself. I even owned a pair of jeans that I’ve always hated! I look back and shudder and think “how pathetic.” I’m not proud of anything I did before about 2 years ago. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with jeans by the way, I’m saying that you have to embrace your quirks and what makes you unique…celebrate those things instead of trying to suppress them. I guess we can’t all be wunderkinds though. Sometimes it takes a little while to get comfortable in your own skin.


How do you like to dress onstage as opposed to offstage?

Haha…embarrassingly the same. I am pretty much always overdressed. I love sexy black dresses and platform heels. Unless I’m going to the gym, I can never think of a good reason not to dress up. Maybe I should step up my stage wear game though and put xmas lights on my tits or something.

Who is your favorite sex symbol, male or female?

Brigitte Bardot. She’s pouty, sulky, bratty, sassy, strong and joyful all at once. My other faves are: Anna Karina, Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner, Monica Bellucci, Marcello Mastroianni, Alain Delon, Warren Beatty, and James Dean. Some more current ones would be Angelina Jolie and Rihanna.

What type of person do you think is connecting to your music?

Underdogs I guess you’d call them. People who don’t want to or can’t fit into the mainstream and are looking for something they can relate to. People who like a little fantasy and darkness I suppose.

Do you think you’d rather live during a time in the past than during the present?

I daydream about living in the late 60’s a lot because I love the aesthetic and I love the idea of driving around in those gorgeous vintage cars with big hair…of living in a world without iPhones or green smoothies. I like the idea of being truly present in my life instead of constantly distracted. Reading more, going to the pictures, getting prescribed amphetamines for weight loss and god knows what for depression. Owning undergarments so hardcore you could have all the burgers and milkshakes you want without looking bloated or being judged by some Crossfit cult member. But then I remember that I’m a mouthy bitch who can’t stand racism, homophobia or misogyny and I actually do quite like crop tops and emojis.

What’s your favorite era or decade of music?

I guess the 60’s once again. There were a lot of different styles of music being made and a lot of pioneers. There were a lot of truly great voices too. I would miss Hip-Hop though.

What was the inspiration behind the “Wild At Heart” music video?

Nadia and I referenced movies like: Wild at Heart, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, True Romance, Carrie, The Shining, Pulp Fiction, Doom Generation, Thelma and Louise, and Buffalo 66. We wanted to do something weird, wild, and wonderful. Something surreal that was both beautiful and glamorous but also strange and “ugly.” I wanted to capture that dangerous and intoxicating feeling of when you’re so into someone and everything feels out of control. Those moments where you feel more alive than you have your whole life.

What do you think of people labeling your music as Pop?

I think it’s great! Pop is kind of an all-encompassing moniker these days but I don’t really think it’s anything to be snobby about anyway. It’s harder to write a good Pop song than people think, and that’s certainly a skill I’d like to have. There have been plenty of artists that have been very popular but not saccharine, and that’s the kind of person I’d like to be.

What is it about David Lynch that has been so inspiring to you?

I just love how his work is so surreal and unusual. He comes up with things that are so creepy in a really unobvious way. It’s inspired and inspiring. I also love the film noir influences he has and the styling of his films. So much is predictable nowadays but Lynch isn’t. The only thing you can rely on him to be is weird. His movies are romantic, dark, dangerous, dreamlike and rarely make sense…you could probably say the same things about me.

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