Meet Cherub: The Anthemic Music Makers

Musical duos seem to be all the rage that’s why it doesn’t stop with this dynamic duo Cherub. They have gained an immense amount of popularity with their super infectious music. We caught up with Jordan of Cherub to talk about their catchy and creative sound and their new EP Antipasto.

Give us a little background about how cherub was formed 

We met in college at MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University). We were both recording majors.  I remember glancing across the room and saw Jason winking at me. The rest is history.

What do you individually give to band both musically and in terms of character 

Through the years we both have found out what are strengths and weaknesses are and do a good job at meeting in the middle creatively and also on a business level as well.

How would you describe your music


Who are your influences

The Dream, Talking Heads, Deftones, Mark Morrison

What is some of your favorite music out right now?

James Vincent Mcmorrow’s album Post Tropical is really nice. It’s not exactly that new but I’m always playing ASAP Ferg really loud.

Tell us more about your new EP Antipasto

It’s the appetizer before the main course. It’s just a little taste of what to expect from our full album coming soon. Lots of 80’s pop influence, r&b, disco, all that feel good shit.

What’s the best show you’ve played and where was it?

There has been too many to name, but a show that will always stand out is Red Rocks two years ago when we opened for STS9. We still were somewhat of a new band and it was so overwhelmingly awesome to play such a legendary venue with such an epic band.

Where would you like to play next?

Everywhere! In the states specifically Madison Square Garden. I also can’t wait to play in South America, Japan, Australia.

What else is coming up for you guys?

Jason just finished his newest creation for cats which is a self-heating milk bowl that gives cats warm milk all day every day. I’m just supporting him with that. We also have lots of spring dates and summer festivals to announce too.

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