Meet Chapman: Chicago Born, NYC Residing Rapper Making Waves

We’re a bit obsessed with the up & coming rapper Chapman who is soon to release his EP, but has dropped a couple of dope tracks off it (listen below). We talked to him about his music, apps, and boyz.

Galore Mag - Chapman the Rapper

Photographs by Alex Barket

Where you based?
I’m based in New York, but from Chicago so I spend a lot of time there as well.

When’s the EP out?
Good question, I originally planned of it to be out this month, but I’ve been making new stuff that I want to be on it as I go along. It’s more important to me that I give people my best work, as opposed to get it out by some self-enforced deadline. I’m really excited for people to hear it though, I’m working with some amazing producers and doing a lot of different stuff, so I’m hoping before the end of year it will be out.

What’s been released from it so far?
I’ve released two tracks from it, “Get It” with Ian Isiah and Jeremiah Meece and “Ghost” produced by Orlando Volcano. Both are R&B tracks where I’m singing—I wanted to show people my range goes way beyond just rapping, that’s just one mode I choose to work in. But my first love is R&B, writing melodies, harmonies, hooks, so it’s been so fun making these records, especially with people like Ian, who is a first class singer and super inspiring vocally.

Galore Mag - Chapman the Rapper

Top 3 apps you use:
Not gonna lie, the Kim Kardashian game is amazing. I play it way too much and am always angling my phone so no one can see. The Soundcloud app is great because I can listen to new music while I’m on the move. There’s also this photo app called Aviary that I like to mess around with.

Fave 3 IG accounts you love:
There’s this grandma whose IG handle is @baddiewinkle, she is literally the most chic and always posting selfies—she’s so on-trend, even her captions are cool. There’s also this instagram called @miserable_men that’s just photos of men looking bored out of their minds waiting for their wives or whoever while they shop. My friend Vanessa runs this account called—she created a little emoji character and makes photos of it doing different things in the city. It’s super cute and funny and always makes me smile.

Who are you crushing on right now?
I have a crush on every boy I see. On the subway, at the club, in the elevator, at my job; I’m hopeless.

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Best/worst part about Xmas:
The best part about Christmas is it’s the one time I can ask someone to buy me something without feeling guilty. The worst about Christmas is being Jewish.

New Year’s resolution:
My New Year’s resolution is to ascend to the next level of life. I wanna tour, I wanna workout more, eat better, read more. Do some community service, do stuff that is bigger than me. Fall in love. Life should evolve with every year, and I want my life to get bigger and bigger as time goes on. If I did it already, I don’t wanna do it again.

What’s coming next?
Working on some videos for some of the songs off the EP. Doing some DJ gigs at Art Basel. I have a video coming out beginning of next year with another artist that I’m really excited about. I’m just going to keep doing things with the best quality I can, giving people good music, videos, photoshoots, DJ sets, whatever I do. I just want to give people content to enjoy. If the people that f*** with me are happy, I’m happy.

Galore Mag - Chapman the Rapper

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