Meet Boyfriend: The Female Rapper Way Better Than An Actual Boyfriend

Boyfriend can spit. Coming out of New Orleans, Boyfriend was recently featured in the Huffington Post and has been on the rise, especially after her dope video Swanky that has been creating buzz. She chatted with us about white rappers, gender and her new album coming out. Check out her video and what she had to say below!


How did you get started?
I had the best sex of my life, once upon a time,And ever since then I’ve only spoken in rhyme.

How would you describe your sound and your lyrics?
It’s like what Marilyn Monroe was really saying to J.F.K. when she sang him Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

What are your thoughts on white folks performing rap music & appropriation?
I think that participating in rap is pretty far down on the list of shitty things that white folks have done.

How do you think think New Orleans has informed your music?
When I perform, I can’t compete with New Orleans brass bands to get the audience’s attention. All I have is my voice and the words I’m saying, no huge instrument blasting the melody at the crowd. So I’ve turned my live show into a spectacle – props, costume changes, prizes…if you pay attention you’ll be rewarded.

How did you come to the alias Boyfriend?
I got tired of hearing bitches go on and on about their boyfriends! Baby I’ll be your boyfriend. And I’m available 24/7 online.

What are some of the struggles of being a female rapper in predominantly male industry?
While I do get default attention just by standing out, that attention is often focused on my gender or race instead of my content. And people expect me to be in jealous competition with other female rappers, as if there’s a finite amount of room for us. But I’m like no beef, we should all have a steak dinner instead!

How does gender & sexuality inform your music?
My music gives my vagina a voice. She got some things to say, y’all! And my imaginary dick too, he got a wicked flow.

Where are you touring this year?
I’ll be making the national trek in May (from New Orleans to L.A., grand finale in New York), and I plan on hitting the west and east coasts with more detail come July.

What can we expect from you next?
Love Your Boyfriend, an album of love songs out July 1st. It’s like if Alanis Morissette made a rap album.

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