Meet Becca McCharen, The HBIC At Chromat

Becca McCharen of Chromat has been known to push the boundaries—on her runways she celebrates women from all paths, shapes and backgrounds. It’s no question why the CFDA would nominate her for their coveted Fashion Fund, but now, this powerhouse bombshell takes a minute to chat with us about what’s up her sleeve and in her cage dress this fashion week.

Galore: Your runway shows have really been empowering, what drives you to push the boundaries of femininity?

Becca McCharen: Our runway shows are a celebration of all the strong, powerful women that inspire Chromat.

Who are some of your influences?

BM: My fiance, Christine Tran is a huge influence in my life. She runs the production house Witches of Bushwick, the art publication The Coven Magazine, the female DJ collective Discwoman and the art gallery Stream. She works tirelessly to help support artists and provide a platform to all the creative people in her world. She’s my hero.

The swimwear line really redefines swimsuits as we know it, what are some of your inspirations?

BM: I was trained as an architect and worked for many years in architecture and urban design firms before starting Chromat. Our swimwear has evolved out of my obsessed with scaffolding, and approaching the body as a building site.

How did your background lead you to fashion?

BM: Architecture and fashion are very similar in their design process, but with fashion the site is smaller. I love fashion because I can design and build a dress in a few hours, whereas with buildings, those projects can take years, sometimes even decades to realize.

What are some things you’re working on now?

BM: A super amazing secret project with a really large technology company!

Where do you see your future in fashion?

BM: For me, the future of fashion is about strong, powerful women taking over the world while wearing smart clothing that adapts and responds to their changing environments. I’m excited to continue to build Chromat on our strong architectural foundations while celebrating the innovative and diverse women who inspire us.

Photo courtesy of Jason Rodgers

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