Meet ASTR: The New “Future Electronic R&B Duo”

Last night, I went to Westway in the West Village to interview emerging musical duo ASTR. ASTR consist of Zoe and Adam, a really endearing pair of folks who are really committed to their music and excited about their prospering music career. Anyone who’s a fan of 90s R&B is a friend of mine, so our conversation was full of laughs an adoration of other awesome artists. They’re releasing their EP “Varsity” next week, but you can check it out prematurely here. Read below to discover more about these awesome folks!


Galore: We wanted to hear a little bit about where you guys are from

Zoe: New York all day

Adam: I live in Brooklyn she lives in manhattan

You guys grew up in NY?

Z: I did

A: Grew up in Boston, but been new york about 8/9 years. But I’ve got my NY badge. They sent me my badge.

How would you describe your music?

Z: Future electronic R&B

A: I think that’s very accurate.

How did you guys meet each other?

Z: [laughs] Through a friend.

A: It’s such a great story because it’s kind of become that we met at a yoga class, which isn’t necessarily true, but we met at a yoga center in like the cafe where people hangout after.

That’s hilarious

Z: Yeah, people thought he was checking me out when we were practicing, but it didn’t work out that way.

Did you just kind if gravitate to each other?

Z: [laughs]We were kind of levitating and we were like this is a creative partnership made in heaven.

Where does your name ASTR derive from?

Z: There’s a few places. Astor Place is very influential to our music. Asteria is goddess of the stars, more mythological triply shit we can get down. [Talking to Adam] World religion is what you went to college for right?

A: I studied World Religion in college.

Z: And I studied mythology and all that shit.

A: So we both kind of geek out on next level.

Z: He wants to tell you about stars collapsing right now.

Does that filter into your music to?

Z: It definitely comes from a deeper place, but we’re not that trippy with out lyrics. But it does resonate from that place, if that doesn’t sound too wack [laughs].


Who are your main influences?

Z: It’s Aaliyah’s birthday, and that’s why i’m wearing this out because that’s very important to me. And that’s huge for both of us.

It’s also Kate Moss’s, do you care about that?

Z: Errr…but cool happy birthday Kate [laughs].

A: We came together by having a similar taste in R&B and hip hop. Like, we like Mariah Carey but it’s gets weirder than that for us.

Name me someones who’s weird.

A: I like Ennio Morricone, the Italian soundtrack Guru from 60s or 70s and he’ll be playing at Barclays with 200 piece Orchestra

Z: He’s like geeking out [laughs]

Who are you guys listening to right now?

Z: Can I look? [Pulls out iPhone]

A: Sampha, he’s British, he’s dope. He did some collaborations with Drake, he’s up and coming artist. and Drake is still on heavy rotation with us.

Yeah, because you did the Drake cover right?

Z: Yeah. Oh and Breach!

A: Disclosure. Oh and there’s one Ben Pearce song that we really like called “What I might do”.

What’s coming up next?

A: The EP “Varsity” is done that’s why we’re here. I mean we’ve been working on a full length, so whenever we can get that together and put it out; hopefully by the end of the year. We’re gonna go London in few weeks, so that’s cool.

Oh, and SXSW

How can one spread the gospel of ASTR?

Z: You should tai sit to your dance teacher and have him choreograph something [laughs]. Then post it online we’ll do a competition and maybe you’ll be a dancer.

Lastly, where are you favorite places to go in NY?

Z: I like this question

A: There’s this Puerto Rican restaurant La Taza de Oro on 8th ave between 14th and 15th. It hasn’t changed since the 70s, and the food is really cheap,. sticks to your ribs

Z: Smile To Go in Soho, and my favorite clothing store is American Two Shot.

Photographs by Dylan Kelly

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