Why Does The Media Assume That Women Want To Look Good For Men?

You just broke up with your boyfriend. Maybe you’re the type who’s planning on spending a couple of days crying in bed and drowning in Ben & Jerry’s, but maybe you’re the type that’s booking a nail and hair appointment and buying yourself a new pair of shoes.

We’re girls, and we like to look good. If a dude breaks up with us, we’re even more likely to want to look our best. There’s nothing more awesome than running into an ex when we are looking hot as hell. However, those are the exceptions to the rule, and the majority of the time we’re doing our hair, our makeup, and putting on a new dress for ourselves, not a dude.

However, the media doesn’t necessarily seem to understand that. In fact, it seems that whenever they are highlighting a female celebrity’s new look, awesome outfit, or hot body; they feel the need to link it back to a man.

What’s up with that? Are we supposed to be rocking a groufit and a messy bun at all times unless we’re trying to seduce a man? Is it assumed that we’re trying to get laid if we’re rocking a mini dress?

Posts like the above are what spawn off guys posting memes on Twitter with slogans such as “this is why you take her swimming on the first date” or going on rants about how they hate fake nails and weaves.

Twitter is practically filled with people voicing their negative opinions, girls will constantly tweet about how they “hate when guys wear cargo pants” or how they “only like guys with green eyes,” but the difference is that most of us girls know that guys don’t really care. Guys, however, seem to think that we’re watching their every tweet, dying for the male population’s approval. There are constant examples of endless Twitter fights consisting of girls arguing that they aren’t getting dolled up for dudes, and guys not willing to accept this.

Twitter user @twerking_jesus decided that she was fed up with guys calling girls out on their beauty routines, and went as far as to say this:

We’re not sure if men are running the majority of celebrity news Twitter accounts, but either way, let’s get real here. Selena Gomez is not “sexing it up” for Justin. Hell, for Selina, that’s not even sexing it up. That’s a casual fucking Sunday for Selena Gomez, you should see her in a nighttime look. As for Kourtney Kardashian, when they hell are the Kardashians not looking perfect? Kim Kardashian probably gave birth with a full-face of makeup and wearing stiletto heels.

Stop devaluing women’s beauty by assuming that they’re looking their best to impress a man. Because honestly, there’s a better chance that they’re trying to impress another chick than a clueless dude who doesn’t even know who Christian Louboutin is.

Cover photo via Hot Celebs Home

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