Celebrate The Magic Of Girlhood With BFF Designers Of Me And You Apparel

In a world where the word “feminist” can provoke more eye rolls than any other, BFF duo and designers of Me And You apparel, Mayan Toledano and Julia Baylis, have made it their mission to reclaim the word and restore its meaning. That meaning, of course, is any person (man OR woman) who is in favor of equal rights BOTH both sexes.

If you can get behind the message (as you should), you can literally paste the word on your chest by wearing one of Me And You’s luxe baby pink tees, which features a “feminist” graphic emblazoned on the chest. If you’d rather show your love of feminism on your butt than your boobies, their granny panties also feature the phrase where only you (and whoever you may choose) can see.

Me and You’s clothing  combines a celebration of girlhood with the strength of girl power. The basics are comfy and cute, while the message is incredibly important, not to mention, we love a good bestie business pair, so we asked them to tell us, well, everything. What’s wrong with the fashion industry and when can we get some exclusive Me and You designed stickers? This and more, below.


What inspired you to create Me and You Apparel? What kind of girl are you catering to?

Every girl! We wanted to create something that had a place for everyone. The goal of our brand is to promote acceptance and support. It’s all about celebration of womanhood, bringing together our girls and supporters where we can give back. Me and You would never exist without our fans and followers. When we started getting positive feedback online is when we realized there’s room for a community to grow.

What spot do you fill in the fashion industry that was lacking before?

We would hope that the industry will become more supportive and diverse, we felt like there was only one fashion “model” and that it doesn’t apply to everyone.

Why has the feminist movement recently exploded?

It’s really cool because there have been a bunch of artists who are using art as a way to promote feminism as something positive, celebrating femininity and girlhood. We strive to create a community that supports other girls and is about inclusion versus exclusivity.

Fashion can be seen as anti-feminist because it promotes negative body image and a Westernized notion of beauty. What can we do to change that?

Almost every regular fashion image we see out there isn’t interesting to us. Girls are stiff and photoshopped, not real and relaxed. When we started putting our imagery out there, and through the power of the Internet, we realized that a ton of other girls agreed with us. The idea that only a girl who looks a certain way can create a “beautiful” image is crazy. We like to shoot girls who are fans of the brand, who actually wear the clothes.

How can we get rid of negative perceptions of the fashion industry?

Promoting more diversity in fashion, changing what is considered “normal” and not trying to get girls to hate themselves and their bodies. It’s crazy how many magazines ask us about this subject and are seemingly interested in it, but don’t actually promote a different type of beauty. It’s almost like there are established “rules” in fashion that people just follow without question, when really we should be asking ourselves why we think this way and try to address it.

Other than the “feminist” tees, which of your apparel sends the strongest message?

We are making a new style of sweaters and t-shirts that say “Don’t Touch” written in cursive. We love that idea of relaying a strong message but making it visually sweet.

What are your future plans for this line?

Coming out very soon we have sweaters and stickers. And we have some super fun projects coming up soon! So stay tuned <3

Photos By Mayan Toldedano

Interview by Stephanie Janetos


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