MDMflow Is The Answer To All Your Lip Color Woes

With it’s luxe gold bullet packaging and product names inspired by our favorite hip hop references, it’s easy to see why MDMflow is on the quick come-up. The line of lipsticks, carried by Nasty Gal Topshop Oxford Circus, and Colette in Paris, as well as sold through their own website, were started by Florence Adepoju after a lingering dissatisfaction with the current color options being offered  while working at a Benefit makeup counter. So, naturally, she got her applied chemistry degree and combined it with her love of hip hop, landing her a feature in the New York Times, and obviously her brainchild MDMflow. In the profile, Adepoju divulges her inspiration behind the gold bullet packaging (“She wanted packaging that wouldn’t look out of place, she said, in the Nicki Minaj/Drake video “Moment 4 Life,” in which Ms. Minaj is seated at a blinged-out dressing table.”) and that she pulled not only from lifestyle and aesthetics of hip hop but the sound as well. With names like ‘Milkshake’, which yes, she confirmed is from the Kelis song, to ‘Two Chains’  pulled from the rapper 2 Chainz, you would think it would be hard to come up with colors to live up to the nomenclature but Adepoju has it down to a perfect science. Not that it isn’t without mistakes though, ‘Milkshake’, a blue based pink lip color, was created by experimenting with the encapsulation of red pigments in white, which she found makes the color become brighter the more you rub it. Adepoju was originally going to scrap the formula until her friends insisted she keep it. Her small batch formulation is incredibly thoughtful, as well as her stringently curated color selection. She explain to NYT that “If you show someone three red lipsticks, they’ll go away and think about it. If you just show them one and they like it, they’ll buy it. People want to know what the best is, and it’s, like, these are my best of each shade.” Florence Adepoju is truly the “female version of a hustler”, a visionary straddling the intersections of two heavy weight worlds, and giving us an easy way to incorporate some rap video beauty into our every day lives. See some of our favorites from the line below and shop them here!


Di La La


V Dutch


Mas Marina




Images via: MDMflow

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