Man Crush Monday: Music Edition

Monday: while it’s famously the most dreaded day of the week, it’s also a day to celebrate. Celebrate hot men. Yes, we’re talking about our favorite day to Instagram: #mcm. With festival season just around the corner, we thought it only appropriate to honor our biggest crushes in the music world right now. These guys know the way to our hearts through killer tunes and plus, they look good while doing it.

Ryan Hemsworth
Our favorite DJ/producer of the moment writes slinky hit after hit. Plus he’s a little more than easy on the eyes.
Galore - MCM - Music - Ryan Hemsworth

Zayn Malik
We forgive our 1D crush for toying with our emotions, you know the whole leaving the band to have a “normal life”, since he actually just signed a solo record deal. Our baby was always meant to be the star.
Galore - MCM - Music - Zayn - One Direction
Galore - MCM - Music - Zayn - One Direction

Mikal Cronin
Our love for Mikal runs deep: ever since we first spotted him, and his gorgeous long locks, as bassist of The Ty Segall band. Now our alt cutie is releasing his third solo album MCIII and we’ll be in the audience at Austin Psych Fest pretending each song is a personal dedication.

update: We were just informed from a source inside Burgerama that Mikal has cut his hair. Again, this is not a drill. Please send pics.
Galore - MCM - Music - Mikal Cronon - MCIII - Ty Segall

George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow
He’s got style and he’s got grace. Seriously though. We love his confidence, sexy fashion and dramatic new album Eclipse.
Galore - MCM - Music - Twin Shadow - George Lewis Jr

Mac Demarco
Resident “slacker-rock” goofball may be crass and sometimes grimy but he’s a sweetheart with a genius mind. Boyfriend material.
Galore - MCM - Music - Mac DeMarco

Vic Mensa
Victor, Victor, Victor. The Chicago rapper has been on our radar for a while now but we may have to fight over him since his popularity exploded after his collaboration with Kanye & Sia on “Wolves”.
Galore - MCM - Music - Vic Mensa

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