Chia Seeds Might Save Your Skin

Chia seeds might possibly be the secret to achieving flawless skin. We decided we had to talk to one of our favorite natural skincare lines, Maya Chia, about why chia is so beneficial. Maya Chia answered our questions and even gave us some tips to glowing from within. See it all below.


How did you discover the benefits of Chia?

I heard about Chia through a friend on a detox. I picked up a bag of chia seeds at my local health food store, and I started to read the back of the package and was really amazed by the health benefits. I thought, “If this is so good for you to eat, it must be fantastic to use topically on your skin.”

What was your number 1 inspo for starting a skincare line?

I love beauty and skincare, always have. My litmus test for finding your calling/passion is that when you go to a bookstore, you experience a gravitational pull towards the section that really fires you up. Since I was a kid, it has always been skincare and beauty for me.

What advice do you have for people who are on the corporate career path, but are more interested in a beauty/fashion career and are too nervous to make the change?

I’d say “know thyself”. You might not want to throw your hands up and send in the pink slip one day, as that would cause you too much stress and perhaps render you less effective. Or alternatively, you might decide to pick up and say sayonara, I’ve had enough. For most people, I’d say try to pursue this change on the side and don’t be lazy. If this is your passion, do what you can to make it happen while you are still earning a paycheck. Work any and all extra jobs, find out what part of the business you love by process of elimination, but work.. work.. work. The key here is if you love/are passionate about what you do it won’t feel like work.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love hearing how our line has made a difference on a person’s skin with acne, or eczema, or their skin feels more vibrant and looks more youthful. When I hear that, my heart grows 3 times bigger. Corny, but completely true. I also love being creative, and seeing my vision realized.

What’s the best natural mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner?

There are so many beautiful natural brands right now, it’s really hard to choose just one brand. But I’ll list a few: RMS and Vapour make some great stuff. 

What part do healthy eating and lifestyle play in skincare?

It’s so critical. I think people are beginning to realize just how critically important what you eat and how you live impacts not only your inner health, but how you look. In my mind, there’s a direct correlation. I know that when I’m more virtuous with my diet, I can literally see the effects. Of course, every now and again, you just have to grab that Kit Kat and have at it. As boring as it sounds, balance is key.

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