Saying Buh-Bye To Mattel’s CEO & Boney Barbie Expectations


Ding dong, busty Barbie’s dead. This week, our fave childhood toy company Mattel (finally) showed its CEO to the door for several reasons; the most interesting being that the Barbie line was no longer getting as much love as it once did. Shocking? Maybe not.

Almost every babe I know is aware and ANNOYED with the unrealistic expectations that stem from our 5-year old selves hanging out with Barbie’s bangin’ bod. When I was growing up, I used to look at my plastic doe-eyed doll and then look in the mirror, dreaming about the day my waist was going to shrink and my boobs were going to swell. As I started to get older, my body was definitely rebelling against my Barbie-esque figure goals, and it wasn’t until now that I am truly realizing how f***ed up that is.


Not only is Barbie a blue-eyed white girl who is blonde, tall, skinny, with long legs and the tiniest waist I have ever seen, but the idea for the damn doll came from a German sex toy marketed for men.  We were essentially playing make believe with SEX TOYS!  How gross, am I right?  Both the lack of representation of ethnicity and healthy body types simply will not fly with this generation.  Not all of us want to look like we can be pushed over with a brush of a pinky finger.  Thank you Mattel for finally telling your CEO to get the f*** out, maybe now the new and improved Barbie will allow more little girls to have realistic dreams that don’t revolve around anorexia and implants.



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