How “Math” Helped QUIÑ Understand Everyone Has the Same Sh*t to Deal With

It’s very rare that musicians are able to make music that creates its very own genre.

But that’s what QUIÑ has done, and she’s done it almost flawlessly. Her first EP, “Galactica,” sounds like nothing else coming from the music industry right now. That’s likely why she calls it “Fantasy Soul” music.

Since we last talked to her, QUIÑ has been hard at work making some new music that, while different from the EP, has pretty similar themes.

Her most recent release was the visual counterpart to the track “MATH” from the “Galactica” EP. She’s also been putting together visuals for the other tracks as well as an entirely new yet-to-be-titled project that we talked about a little.

What’s your new project about?

I don’t have an official name, but I’m just calling it the Valentine’s Day project. I’m re-releasing some songs from SoundCloud that I put out awhile ago. Instead of making some other cool stuff, I’ve really accumulated enough love songs, and it’s cool re-release and now that I have this relationship with Apple Music and Spotify, I’m just really excited about this.

What’s the best compliment you have ever received?

I think my favorite is that I sound like what I look like.

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Why Valentine’s Day?

Well I rarely write about love, so basically I’ve accumulated enough to put together something entirely based on that. And it was last Valentine’s Day that I put out “Galactica.” I still have so much art work for it, and I’m trying to to put really cute name to the project. It’s not final, it will probably change, but I want to say the name I have in mind, but I won’t.

So I’m putting that out, and I want to do some more vocals and things. I don’t really have a reason why I chose Valentine’s Day. I kind of wrote itself and it was happy and full. I just made songs with my friends and I have made enough to make a project out of it. They are writing themselves.

What’s the most valuable advice someone has given you in the industry?

Every time I’m asked this, I feel it’s pay your taxes. Just pay them. That’s where artists slip up.

After the video, what’s next for you?

It’s actually more than that. It will also be an EP, but I’m writing the videos right now. The videos won’t come out at the same time. So the thing is “Galactica” is still alive and thriving. I’m also gonna be putting out a video for “MATH” soon.

“Galactica” is always a thing. I want there to be visuals for everything for I do, so I’ll be putting out some more visuals for thing and focusing on that a lot.

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What’s your #1 pet peeve?

Insecurity around me. I like people, but any sort of worry, meaning not mine, it zaps me. I’m really sensitive to it. Especially when people apologize for something they don’t need to apologize for. I try to avoid that that feeling like when people feel sorry for me or others. I can’t stand it.

What is absolutely essential to have in your every day bag?

I can’t leave the house without chapstick and orange eye shadow. Any good pastel shade. You know, just causal.

If you had to choose a life slogan what would it be?

It would be “Be Yourself” from the movie “Aladdin”. Mostly because my sisters and I all have “B” names, so I’m Bianca and my other sisters are Bailey and Blair. It’s just always been our thing.

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What do you imagine your afterlife will look like?

I was just saying this to someone else. I was saying that I feel like this is my life right now, in this life, I might have been here before. I really think this is the life I get to master. We’re really just here to work, and I want to work and I have been gifted with work that I love. I think my afterlife will be just straight life.

Are you good at math?

They trick you into thinking they don’t want you to be good at math, they want it to be hard. I was really good at figuring shit out. I never got the right answers on some negative adding shit, and it might be the way our brains are wired. When I grew up, I figured out the life hack that math was everything. It didn’t have to be hard anymore.

I personally was like a B/C student in math. I really wasn’t into math. When I got to create my own anthem, I realized everyone has the same equations as is everything in math.

Watch the “Math” video below


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